Adventure West Scuba

Introduction to Scuba

Adventure West Scuba wants everyone to have the opportunity to give SCUBA a try. We realize that while SCUBA may not be for everyone, everyone should at least be provided the opportunity to try this unique experience in a safe and controlled environment.

You will be amazed how easy and fun it is, and will enjoy sharing this experience with all of your family and friends. For this reason Adventure West Scuba offers entry level swimming and scuba discovery courses that can help you with your decision to become a PADI certified diver.

Discover Scuba

$50.00 per person

Attention, we require all Discover Scuba students to purchase a $10 mouthpiece because of COVID. Thank you.

A brief introductory course to the world of SCUBA allows you to actually don Scuba equipment. The class actually consists of a brief orientation covering equipment features and safety procedures usually lasting about 1 hour. After the basics have been covered participants can dive in our pool with certified Dive Masters or Instructors to assist them. This course is highly recommended for those thinking about becoming certified and gives you a clear picture of what SCUBA entails. You will need a swimsuit and towel for this course.