About Adventure West Scuba - Based in Utah, Serving the Western U.S.

Adventure West Scuba is a full service PADI dive center. Our dive shop is over 5,000 square feet with cabinet displays featuring high quality brands and products. Our state-of-the-art indoor heated pool is 12'6″ deep and 50' in length. Separate men's and women's showers, locker rooms and changing facilities are adjacent to the pool. All rental equipment is easily displayed for added convenience. We have a custom storage and filling facility for our tanks for both nitrox/enriched and standard air.

Meet Our Instructors

Doug Gilbert, Owner, Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Doug has loved diving since his first dive in 1979 and it has just gotten better and better every year. Doug and his wife, Lynnette, opened Adventure West Scuba in May of 2007, so they could share their love of diving with everyone. Doug also enjoys scuba diving, camping, boating, fishing, and woodworking. He enjoys traveling with his wife, Lynnette, and their 2 children Andy and Heather. His favorite place to dive is Hawaii.
Craig Guerrero, Open Water Scuba Instructor
Originally from Los Angeles, California, Craig has been diving for 5 years and became an open water scuba instructor in September 2011. He loves teaching and enjoys anything with water which includes diving, surfing, and snorkeling. Other hobbies include bodybuilding, skateboarding, and studying sharks, which is one of the main reasons Craig likes to dive.
Kevin Ritz, Open Water Scuba Instructor
Kevin grew up in Sparks, Nevada; and has been diving for 10 years. Kevin enjoys scuba diving, boating, camping, hiking, fishing, shooting and going to the movies. Kevin enjoys spending time with his son, Hunter, and his twin daughters, Brooklyn and Bailey. Kevin's favorite place to dive is Monterey, California.
Eve Claydon, Open Water Scuba Instructor
Eve is an Australian/Brit transplanted to the high, dry desert of Utah. She started diving in 2005. Eve enjoys skydiving, hiking Machu Picchu, and traveling the world. After her first dive, she knew she wanted to be an instructor and spent the next year taking all of the courses to become an instructor in 2006. Eve spent time in Ireland (the Irish Sea is freezing) and Egypt diving in warm water. She then went back to Brisbane, Australia, for two more years of diving. She moved to Utah in 2011 when she joined us as an instructor.
Marty Tippets, Open Water Scuba Instructor
Marty became an instructor in 2011 and enjoys watching new students grow to love diving as much as he does. Marty enjoys spending time with his family, camping, and scuba diving.
Robert Johnson, Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Robert has been diving for 30 years and loves everything about the industry. Robert enjoys welding, farming, camping, boating, and spending time with his family. Founder of the Water Chicken Pirates Diving Group.

Fun Fact

"Water makes up two-thirds of the earth's surface!"
As children, water provided endless hours of entertainment in the form of sprinkler heads, swimming pools, lakes and even the ocean. Could something that has created so much joy in many people's lives be more enjoyable?
With your regulator in your mouth you slowly begin to descend beneath that very element that has captivated you for years. Your eyes grow wide with excitement as you gaze through your mask wondering what sights you'll behold. Then it happens! You take your first breath underwater.